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Lynn Whitlach - Savhanna Entertainment & the Band "Savhanna"
Lynn Whitlach is a professional singer in the Bay Area. Well known to her
band-mates as Whiplash, or "Whippie" she's been hogging the stage for well over
17 years. Lynn started Savhanna Entertainment in 2003. She works with several
local Bay Area bands. She also works as a soloist for weddings and special
occasions. Have a favorite love song you want performed at your wedding or
reception? Lynn, Kari, and Cassidy will work with your hired DJ or band to make
your day extra special! Her new band, Savhanna, includes her daughter & friends.
Savhanna, the Band
Savhanna Members:   Kari Wagner, Lynn Whitlach, Cassidy Whitlach on vocals and
background vocals. John Dell on lead guitar & vocals. Steve Watts on drums.  Eric
Tamm on lead guitar, vocals and background vocals. Steve Moore on bass guitar.
David Laux & Dennis Colver on sound. Savhanna is available for corporate events,
parties, local clubs work, and special events. Want a demo and band package?
Contact Lynn at As of April. 2009, we're ready to rock!!!!!
A Wicked Case of Whiplash
We play R&B, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, and Country
We have over 200 classic and contemporary songs in our
repertoire & our combined experience is well over 50
years of gigging between us. Check out band bios!
Cassidy Whitlach
Lead Vocalist
Kari Wagner
Lead Vocalist
John Dell, Guitarist  
Steve Moore - Bassist
Eric Tamm
John Dell - Guitarist
& Vocalist
Kari Wagner, Lynn Whitlach, and Pam Anderson
at the Hilton in Pleasanton CA for a Raving
Daves Rotary Gig, May 2007
Cassidy Whitlach
Lead Vocals
Steve Moore
Bass Guitarist
Lynn Whitlach &
Kari Wagner
Savhanna, the Band, includes :
Kari Wagner - Lead Vocals
Cassidy Whitlach - Lead Vocals
Lynn Whitlach - Lead & Background Vocals
John Dell - Lead Guitar,  Vocals
Steve Moore - Bass Guitar
Steve Watts - Drums
Eric Tamm - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
David Laux & Dennis Collver- Soundmen
John Dell - Lead
Guitarist / Vocals
Steve Watts
Lynn Whitlach
Lynn Whitlach
Lead and Background
Owner - Savhanna