The Guys of Savhanna
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John Dell - Lead
The Gals of Savhanna
David Laux - Soundman
Cassidy Whitlach -
Lead Vocals
Kari Wagner - Lead
Lynn Whitlach - Lead
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Lynn started singing professionally in 1990 in a country band called
New Country. She soon met local country musicians and joined a band
called Kodiak. From there she formed her own band, Way Out West.
She also performed in the KRTY Allstar band, and with Don Cox & the
Cowtown Band. She worked 6 nights a week doing country music all
over the Bay Area. Eventually, she joined Jason Scott Evans &
Southern Exposure, and worked with them for 8 years. She's worked
with QuickFixx, Nice Dog Sit, and several other local musicians in the
rock & pop realm. In 2001 she joined the Raving Daves, who went on
to win Best Band @ the Rock Hall. In 2007, Lynn started Savhanna.
Kari is a hugely talented vocalist. Like Lynn, Kari didn't start singing
professionally until her 20's. Encouraged by her family and friends,
Kari started entering local talent competitions, and went on to the finals
in both the
Delta Idol and the Contra Costa Fair Idol competitions. Kari
is a regular guest member of the Raving Daves who perform all over
the Bay Area. She met Lynn in the Raving Daves band. And, in 2007,
she and Lynn decided to form Savhanna. Kari's sung the National
Anthem at an Oakland's A's baseball game. Kari loves country music
and can often be found hanging out with her close friends on
weeknight or weekend at the Clayton Club singing karaoke like a Pro!
Cassidy began singing Shania Twain songs at age 2. She didn't start
showing an interest in singing in front of people until she was in the 3rd
grade. After a few school talent shows & some karaoke at home with
Mom, she was offered an audition with CCC, a local, professional
children's choir. She joined Cantabella Children's Choir & enjoyed that
for 3 years. She took lessons from vocal coach, Karen Davenport &
went on to win first place & grand champion at the Alameda County fair
in 2005. In 2005, she won 3rd place at Livermore Idol. In 2006 she tried
out for the second time for the Livermore Idol competition & won first
place & a year long scholarship to John Robert Powers. Cassidy's sung
the National Anthem for the Sac Rivercats. Savhanna is her 1st band
Steve Watts - Drummer
Dennis Collver - Soundman
Eric Tamm- Vocals,
Keyboard, & Guitarist
John Dell is from Livermore, CA and has been performing in the
Tri-Valley for many years. He was the lead guitar player for the band,
Woodeye, from Discovery Bay, CA. His vocals are smooth and polished
as he covers songs from Steely Dan, the Doobie Bros., Tears for Fears,
and others. He's also a stellar guitar player who is professional and on
point at all times. Savhanna is very pleased to have John as our lead
guitarist and lead male vocalist. He's the real deal.
One of the founding fathers of the Raving Daves Peoplesoft
house-band in the 1990s, Eric "the Doktor" Tamm is a prolific
songwriter, singer, and musician from Berkeley, CA. He's got a master's
degree in music and it shows! He can play them all....keyboards,
guitars, bass, and drums. The man is a musical bard of the best kind.
With multiple Cds of his own music for sale on
you can hear and purchase this man's personal, passionate, eclectic
sound, as well as purchase one of his many brilliant books. Dok rocks!
Steve is a journeyman proctologist with a penchant for fly fishing with
SPAM. He's spent his life dedicated to the exposure of nudists and
gnomes, together, preferably. In his spare time, he likes to lurk at a
local 7/11 recovering from Slurpee brain-freeze. His musical experience
varies from Zither mastery to wicked didgeridoo solo gigs. Like most
drummers, he spends his nights at his parent's house in Alviso, sharing
a room with a local inmate escapee his parents took a liking to on their
last visit. Steve loves long walks on sandy beaches, and mutton-pops.
Having been a sound engineer for the Raving Daves over the past 5
years, David "Tuck" Laux has become the mix-master for Savhanna.
In college he dabbled in sound engineering, but his real gig is in
computers. David works by day for Oracle in Pleasanton, CA. He lives in
Tracy, CA with his wife and family. Savhanna is thankful to have two
sound guys dedicated to our cause. Tuck was there from the start of
Savhanna. We're so glad he joined our little musical family.
Dennis "The Silencer" Collver didn't get his nickname for nothing. He's
got a great ear, especially for pitch and will quickly quell bad pipes with
the flick of a switch, sometimes to one's dismay....& to other's hooray!
Dennis has also been a member of the Raving Daves for 5 years, ever
dedicated to the raving cause. He has his own sound digs on the side,
so if you ever need a quality sound man for a gig, give Den a shout.
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John Dell - Lead
Steve Moore -
Bass Player
John Dell - Lead
John Dell - Lead
John Dell - Lead
John Dell - Lead
A native of Texas, raised in an Air Force family, Steve has lived all over
the world. He began playing the guitar while living in Germany in the early
sixties, where the sounds of the British music scene were broadcast over
Radio Luxembourg. Groups like The Shadows, The Kinks, The Beatles, &
The Rolling Stones were a staple. Switching to the bass guitar in 1966,
the years & the miles have done their work. With influences as diverse as
California Surf, Motown, Texas Blues and LA country, through it all a love
for the music has remained at his core. A veteran of many groups no one
has ever heard of, Steve is very much at home with Savhanna.