Lynn Whitlach - Vocalist
I was born in San Jose, California in 1967 on the first day of summer in
the summer of love. What are the odds? I was exposed to music all
through my childhood thanks to my loving parents. My Mom & Dad are
huge country music fans, so the sounds of Anne Murray, John Denver,
and Lynn Anderson were commonplace in my home. However, even with
a strong desire to sing and perform in my heart, I didn't start singing
professionally until my early 20's. After winning a Female Vocalist contest
at the Saddlerack in San Jose, I was offered spots in local country bands,
and performed country music until the late 1990s. During the 90s, I
performed with Don Cox and the Cowtown Band, the KRTY Allstar Band,
Way Out West, Kodiac, and finally, with Jason Scott Evans and Southern
Exposure. I realized I really loved soul, R & B, and blues well
as rock and pop. So, I changed musical directions, and started singing
with several contemporary Rock/Pop local bands. The transition was
difficult, as twang can screw up any good rock tune. But, now I think it
was worth it! I've lost my twang, (OK, well, some of it) and I'd like to think
I've gained some soul. If nothing else, I'm loud. That  never hurts.
I've performed with the Raving Daves, winners of the 2002 FORTUNE
Magazine's Battle of the Corporate Bands at the Rock + Roll Hall of fame
in Cleveland (, QuickFixx, and Nice Dog Sit.
My favorite artists are Mary J. Blige, Sheryl Crow, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie
Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Stevie Wonder,
Prince, and Gavin DeGraw. My favorite band is U2. My song list is
lengthy, since it encompasses several different genres of music over 17
years. With a little luck, I hope to be performing for many years to come.
Lynn Whitlach with the
Raving Daves in Pleasanton
Lynn Whitlach - Chicksinger,
Mom, Wife, Computer Geek
March 2006
My 13 year old daughter,
Cassidy. After winning the
2006 Livermore Idol
competition, Cassidy has
performed for the 4th of July
Livermore Parks and
Recreation Fireworks Show @
Robertson Park. She been
asked to participate in several
local events and is now a part
of Savhanna, my new band.
I'm looking forward to singing
with my very talented,
beautiful daughter. I'm not
biased or anything. Just a
very proud Mom!
Lynn & Her
Mike Benson