I'm passionate about music. But, I'm also passionate about making
changes in my habits & the habits of my family to lower our carbon
footprint. I'm going green & trying to help others to do so, as well. I've
teamed up with my great friend, Dana. We've created a new website
WWW.WHIPPIECHICKS.COM. The website is dedicated to helping women
go green by providing product reviews and tips to help women shop smart
& organic the hip way. Soon we'll be opening our boutique. Check it out!
I don't claim to know much about politics. But, I do know the current
administration is doing nothing right by our country. I want to educate
myself on the candidates for the '08 election year as much as possible.
One candidate inspires me....that candidate is Barack Obama. I'm not
telling you to vote for him. I'm just asking that you do the research and
find a candidate who inspires you & gives you hope for a better America.
You've heard the term "Cleveland Rocks" before, I'm sure. Well, I can
attest to that statement. While Clevelandites don't like to hear this
mantra while we're visiting them (even the coolest tags can become
uncool if overused), they definitely have one the best venues for anyone
who's a music fan. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is located
on Lake Erie right next to the Cleveland Brown Stadium. It's definitely a
venue to add to your list of places to see before you cross over into the
afterlife. I know I definitely will be going back there again someday.
There's nothing sexier than a man who can make me laugh. I married
my husband because he puts up with me and because he makes me
laugh so hard I pee my pants a little. TMI? OK, well, then head over to
Comedy Central to see Jon Stewart, probably one of the funniest guys
on the planet (after my husband, of course). The Daily Show clips can
lighten any bad day, and you might learn something in the interim.
Are you a geek? Are you down with the funk? This is the home of The
Raving Daves, Peoplesoft's legendary house band. Over the years
we've raved with the likes of Santana, Los Lobos, the Wallflowers, the
B-52s, the Temptations, Earth Wind & Fire, KC and the Sunshine Band,
and members of the Grateful Dead. Silicon Valley's hottest corporate
rock outfit: the Raving Daves! Music and friendship go great together!
Confessions time: I'm a slob. Anyone who knows me well already knows
that factoid. But, I still try to take control of my laziness. My email fills up
daily with reminders from the FlyLady. No, she's not a dancer on TV or
an exterminator. She's a motivator of the unmotivated. She helps put
things in perspective for those of us who aspire to be Martha Stewart
but, who are, in reality, living in more of an, um, Sanford N'Son rerun!
She'll show the time-challenged how to clean in 15 minute intervals,
how to fling clutter, and how to rid your life of CHAOS. DaFlyLady rocks!