Lynn's Photo Album
With 17 years of performing music, there's got to be some great memories.......
Lynn has had the pleasure of working with some of the best in Bay Area Musical talent over the
years. Here are some photos of her friends, and band-mates having fun, keeping the music alive,
and making sure a good time was had by all involved. The Raving Daves know how to party!
The Raving Daves, Centennial Park, Atlanta
The Raving Daves at the R&R Hall of Fame
Private party, Incline Village, with Raving D's
Lynn with the Ravettes in Tahoe
Cassidy Whitlach singing the National Anthem at a
Sacramento Rivercats baseball game in 2006.
Jason Scott Evans (in black) performing in San Jose at
the old Gold Rush club. For more information on Jason
check out his MySpace:
Linda Jarrell, Dave Reik, and Lynn Whitlach after
winning at the Rock + Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. As I
recall, post-win, there was much celebration...including
free-flowing Belvadere, a contest sponsor. Wicked good!
(Above) Cassidy after she
won the 2006 Livermore
Idol Vocalist competition.
The prize? A $3900
scholarship to John
Robert Powers Academy.
(Left) Kari, Lynn, and Pam at
the Pleasanton Hilton
enjoying some pre-gig
moments of clarity. Pam and
Kari filled in for the Raving
Dave's Ravettes for one gig,
the Pleasanton Rotary's
annual Caberet Fund Raiser.
Lynn singing at the Raving Daves
Red Cross Hurricane Fund
Raiser. The band raised a few
thousand for the Red Cross, and
enjoyed a great day at the new
Livermore Community Center.
Glede Vaughn, Eric Tamm, Patrick McGavock, Carol Reynoso, Lynn Whitlach,
Peggy Gill, Howard Klein, and Kirk Chan at the Raving Daves second
appearance at the Pleasanton Roatary's Caberet @ the Hilton in Pleasanton.
Pam and Patrick (Left)
Kari (Below)  John (Above)
Cassidy looking pretty!